A.C.T. is similar to our Micro-Grow Soil Amendment product with the addition of micro-nutrients and other foliar feeding benefits.

We take rich organic material and let earthworms compost it.  The red wiggler worms increase the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, trace minerals, and beneficial micro-organisims.  Properly composted, vermi compost (worm castings) will not have harmful bacterial or fungi.  We brew and aerate the compost adding organic food sources to increase the micro-organisms and beneficial ingredients, then with a proprietary process, we put these micro-organisms to sleep.  They can stay asleep indefinitely.  Prior to applying to your crops you feed the A.C.T. and aerate it, in turn this wakes them up and they multiply even more.  When you apply A.C.T. to your soil or crops you will get benefits of compost, plus A.C.T. also has a foliar effect on the crops as well as the soil.

What are the potential benefits of Compost?

Compost Tea provides:

        Direct Nutrition:
A source of foliar and soil organic nutrients.
Chelated micro-nutrients for easy plant absorption.
Nutrients in a biologically available form for both plant and microbial uptake.
Microbial Functions:
Compete with disease causing microbes.
Degrade toxic pesticides and other chemicals.
Produce plant growth hormones.
Mineralize plant available nutrients.
Fix Nitrogen.
Plan surfaces are occupied by beneficial microbes leaving no room for athogens to infect the plant (squatters rights),
Compost Tea will help create a balanced soil.  A balanced soil will:
Supress disease-causing and pest organisms.
Improve the nutritional quality of the plant.
Produce good soil structure, improving water infiltration, oxygen diffusion, and water holding capactiy.
Retain nitrogen and other nutrients such as calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, etc.
Make nutrients available for plant growth at the times plants require at the rates plants require.
Decompose plant residures rapidly.
Reduce worker exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.
Produce hormones that help plants grow.
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A.C.T. (Aerobic Compost Tea)
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