Spring of 1999 I started 20 acres of hay meadow with organic products from Watson Ranch.  Excellent results provided enough evidence for adding 62 acres in the fall of 1999.

Watson Ranch has established an excellent program for hay and grazing pastures.

After implementation of the program to my hay meadows and grazing pastures my cattle health improved and consumption of minerals decreased.  Our cattle are grazing tall fescue about 25% of the time.  Fescue foot and tail loss has been non-existent since implementing the organic products for Watson Ranch.

Along with the organic products, renovation is accomplished every 3 years on grazing and hay meadows.  After renovating cool and warm season legumes are established for higher quality hay production, grazing and producing fixed nitrogen in our soil.

Cattle graze in four equally sized pastures.  Rotation is accomplished every eight to ten days, which allows the other three pastures to rest up to 24 days.

With the rising cost of fuel and chemical fertilizers, organic soil amendment and fertilizers from Watson Ranch can be implemented at 1/3 of the cost.  One important benefit from organic products is after time you can decrease application by ½.  Once commercial fertilizer is applied, how much residue is retained in the soil and how long?  Application of commercial fertilizer seems to require more than the past years production rate.

January 2006 the Natural Resource Conservation Service and Red River County Soil and Water Conservation Board of Directors selected our farm and us as conservation rancher for 2005.  Both agencies submitted our ranching practices and accomplishments to the State of Texas Soil and Water Conservation District Area IV.  Texas Conservation Awards Program selected our ranch management techniques and program as 1st Place Resident Conservation Rancher for 2005.

The Lane Family highly appreciates the awards selected by both state and federal agencies.
Bear and Edna Lane of 
E.B. Oleo Ranch
If you would like to contact Bear Lane you can reach him at 903-925-3818  or send him an email at BearLane42@yahoo.com
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