Program Recommendations for Grapes and Blueberries

Application #1 Early Spring

6 Ounces Micro Grow
10 OuncesMolasses
6 OuncesSeaweed Tea
Optional for insect & bird control:
4 OuncesGarlic & Red Pepper Spray ( Your Mix)

Application #2 May, July & September

6 Ounces Fish
6 OuncesHumate Tea

Add garlic spray one ounce per acre for pest control.

Application #3 Spray after harvest is finished.

6 Ounces Aerobic Compost Tea (ACT)
10 OuncesMolasses
6 OuncesSeaweed Tea
6 OuncesAlfalfa Tea

Plant vetch and blackeyed peas same as Peach and Apple Trees.

Note:  All products are diluted with water and is applied at the rate of 10 gallons per acre.  Soak each plant with about ½ gallon

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