Booster Max
Booster Max is a high energy, carbon source with all natural nutrients. Booster Max provides immediate energy to microbial life so they can do their job which is improving you soil and plant life. 

Booster Max is a proprietary blend of our normal boosters that when blended together do a tremendous job.

 These boosters include: 

Molasses provides potash, sulfur and trace minerals.  It is also an excellent chelating agent. Molasses is a nutritious soil amendment.  

Alfalfa Tea      
Alfalfa Tea provides many nutritional benefits not only for plant use, but for soil organisms as well. One very important ingredient is tricontanol, a powerful plant growth regulator. It is very high in vitamins, Ca, Mg and other valuable minerals. Alfalfa Tea also includes sugars, starches, proteins and 16 amino acids.

Green Sand Tea          
Green Sand is naturally occurring sand mined from ancient sea floor deposits. It is rich in iron, potassium, calcium and many other minor and trace elements.

Seaweed Tea         
Seaweed Tea is an excellent source of trace minerals and hormones that stimulate root growth and branching. Many trace elements are found in seaweed in the proportions they are found in plants. Seaweed contains hormones and functions as a mild but effective insect control.  It acts as a chelating agent, making other fertilizers and nutrients more available to the plants.

Application – 1 gallon per acre.
Broadcast / inoculant  / foliar applications.             

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