Humate Tea is the result of a combination of micronizing and suspension technologies, and delivers the maximum possible concentration of humic/fulvic acids, plus the important humin fraction, to your plants and soil in a liquid form.  

Containing 39% oxidized lignite (humate) in micro-sized particles; Humate Tea uses the advantage of the tremendous surface area to more readily improve your plants and soil.  A total humic/ fulvic acid analysis of 24% exceeds any known liquid product on the market, including the so-called dry, water soluable products, which can only re-constitute at a maximum of 12% HA with a very high pH.

Humate Tea is totally organic, non-toxic and safe to handle.  The natural pH of 3.7 enables Humate Tea to be safely used in all types of agriculture, horticulture and home uses.

The benefits of Humate:

Soil Application:

1.  Humate will benefit soil with less than 5% humus.
2.  Humate will benefit soil structure.  Increase water-aggregates,  increase water  infiltration and percolation, reduce runoff and resistance to erosion, and increase aeration.
3.  Humate will stimulate microbial activity within the soil.  This activity will make more  nutrients available to the plant.
4.  The addition of humate will aid in the prevention of nutrients from leaching out of  the soil.
5.  In most crops, root and top growth development will increase.
6.  The plant will be more resistant to stresses, such as droughts and diseases. Hay may rebound back quicker after harvesting.
7.  The plant may increase drought tolerance or decrease water consumption.

Foliar applications of Humate Tea:

1.  Foliar application aids in helping the plant through periods of stress.
2.  Foliar application aids in both root and top growth.
3.  Foliar application to hay 10 day to harvest will aid the plant to rebound faster.
4.  A study on foliar application on wheat at the head development stage only had a  3% decrease in yield as compared to a 30% decrease in yield when drought  stress was introduced by cutting back on irrigation.  Another study showed 7% to 18% increase grain yield over the untreated.
5.  Foliar application can be used as a quick fix where asa good soil application has a more long term effect.
6.  During periods of drought, the plant may increase drought tolerance or decrease water consumption.
7.  Application between 1/4 cup to 1 Gallon of Humate Tea per acre along with 10 gallons of water per acre.  The average application is generally 3.63lbs per acre.

As with any other management practice such as irrigation, fertilizing, controlling weeds, etc. we can only aid Mother Nature, we do not have control over Mother Nature, so therefore results may vary.
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Humate Tea
Please Note: Humate Tea is not available in Oklahoma.