Micro-Grow is a liquid organic soil amendment, rich in nitrogen-fixing bacteria, enzymes, micro-nutrients, phosphorus, potassium, carbon and growth hormones.

Micro-Grow is made by taking the richest organic material in the world, mixing it with fertile soils containing the most balanced carbon to nitrogen ratio, nutrients, nitrogen fixing micro-organisms, and a secret composting and fermentation formula is added.  Then water is perculated through the mixture by a special filtering process, using a slow, steady pressure to extract the tea, containing all of the beneficial plant nutrients, hormones, humates and nitrogen-fixing micro-organisms.

When Micro-Grow is applied, the billions of nitrogen-fix micro-organisms go to work manufacturing nitrogen from the atmoshere (which contains 78% nitrogen).  The soil receives over 30lbs of nitrogen per acre, per month.  In a four-month period, 120lbs of nitrogen is made available to the plants.  Beneficial micro-organisms use non-beneficial fungi/bacteria, insect larvae and weed seeds as a food source.

After constant use of Micro-Grow, soil analysis will increase in beneficial areas.  The growth, tilth and richness will also increase, unlike chemical fertilizers, where it decreases and virtually sterilizes the soil after much use.  It is a known fact that soil, that is balanced with high organic matter has less insects, harmful pests, and weeds where as soil that is close to being sterile has more harmful insects, weeds, fungi and diseases. 
How does Micro-Grow Improve your Crops?
Increasing root formation in crops.

Increasing yields and quality of crops and plants.

Shortening harvest time for most crops.

Accelerating blooming of plants and crops.

Increasing taste and sugar content of crops.

Increasing digestible protein content.
How does Micro-Grow Improve your Soil?
Storehousing N-P-K

Increasing humus/humates of soil.

Increasing organic matter.

Readjusting Ph.

Accelerating the breakdown of stubble and other organic matter.

Increasing and balancing cation exchange capacity.  
Works great for summer and winter crops.

Can be applied anytime year round.

Can be used before or after planting, or as a side dressing.
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