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Our Liquid Nitrogen is derived from the natural rock deposits in Northern Chile.  This Organic Approved substance is called Chilean Nitrate, which is the only organic nitrate available.  This product assists in the ability to produce available nitrogen from the soil.  Chilean Nitrate improves the quality of crops through increased protein and micro-elements content.   Nitrogen can be applied anytime, but has been found to work best when temperatures are lower.
These nutrient applications are much more efficient when split into multiple applications, (less product more often.) This allows for the slow release of Nitrogen to the plant.  Following up with a foliar or side dressing will help maximize production.  Chilean Nitrate also speeds up the green up time on your field.  

The Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer by Watson Ranch will not burn your crops due to the Chilean Nitrate and Carbon Base ratio.  We do recommend adding at least a ½ gallon per acre of Molasses when applying.  


Does not burn due to the Chilean Nitrate and Carbon Ratio.

Improves quality of crops 

Less product, more often makes the nutrient uptake more efficient

Greenup will begin in 10 days (on average) and continue to release nitrogen over 30              days  (Contingent upon optimal weather conditions)

Product can be applied as soon as soil temperatures reach 60ºF

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