Watson Ranch Organics is a manufacturer of Natural Organic Fertilizers/Soil Amendments. We have organic programs to fit anyone’s needs.  We specialize in hay and grazing pastures.  We also have programs for many other agricultural crops. Our products are inexpensive, cost-effective, safe, easy-to-use, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-offensive, highly concentrated liquids.  Watson Ranch Organic products are easy to apply with any conventional spray equipment, water injection system, hose-end or in-line proportioner, hydro seeder, airplane, etc.  Watson Ranch products are approved for use in Certified Organic Operations under NOP. We are lower than Chemical Fertilizer!!  
As with any other management practice such as irrigation, fertilizing, controlling weeds, etc. we can only aid Mother Nature, we do not have control over Mother Nature, so therefore results may vary.

Due to the financial growth in our industry we are in need of people who are interested in becoming dealers and/or applying our products. 

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Micro-Grow –A new and improved soil amendment.  Nitrogen fixing organisms provide the soil with 120 lbs of nitrogen per acre, lasts over a 4-month period.

Nitrogen –Our Liquid Nitrogen is derived from Chilean Nitrate.  Chilean Nitrate improves the quality of crops through increased protein and micro-elements content.   

Fish Hydrolysate -Our Fish fertilizer is a cold process called hydrolysate. This way of processing the fish allows us to naturally maintain hormones, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.

Fish Plus  is a fish and seaweed blend fertilizer with the addition of Chilean Nitrate.  (NOTE:  Chilean Nitrate is NOP listed).  Chilean Nitrate is an Organic Nitrate Nitrogen product.  

Booster Max - Booster Max is a high energy, carbon source with all natural nutrients.  Booster Max provides immediate energy to microbial life so they can do their job, which is improving your soil and plant life.  

A.C.T (Aerobic Compost Tea) - We take rich organic material and let earthworms compost it.  The red wiggler worms increase the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, trace minerals, and beneficial micro-organisms.  Properly composted vermi compost (worm castings) will not have harmful bacteria or fungi.  We brew and aerate the compost, adding organic food sources to increase the micro-organisms and beneficial ingredients, then with a proprietary process, we put these micro-organisms to sleep.  When you apply A.C.T. to your soil or crops you will get benefits of compost, plus A.C.T. also has a foliar effect on the crops as well as the soil.

Boosters- Research has shown that the lower the organic matter in the soil the more food source is needed to sustain the organisms and biological life in the soil.  For this reason we have come up with the following boosters; Humate Tea, Molasses Booster, Seaweed Tea and Alfalfa Tea.

Garlic Spray-  Garlic Spray is safe for your crops, your livestock, your neighbors and yourself.  There is no need to poison your crops to rid your land of grasshoppers and other leaf eating insects.  Garlic Spray from Watson Ranch gives you an effective pest control without the harmful side effects of pesticides.  From yards to hay fields, to small fruit trees or giant orchards; even to the largest agriculture enterprise, Garlic Spray is the safe and economical way to win the war against pests.  

Through continued research and development, Watson Ranch now includes a family of products with programs for improving soil tilth, fertility, water management and efficiency.  Plus crop nutrition to improve germination, growth and vigor of crops with resistance and competitiveness against weeds, diseases and insects.  Watson Ranch research and technology has helped many farmers and ranchers reduce costs, solve nagging problems and increase profitability of agriculture.

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