Program Recommendations for
Sudan and Red Top Cane
We recommend 1 gallon of each product for the best results.  Below are our bare minimum recommendations.  All application rates are 10 gallons total mix of product and water per acre.

Application #1 Dec. – Feb.

After deep plowing and before planting.

1 GallonPer 10 Acres   Micro-Grow
½ GallonPer 1 AcreHumate Tea
½ GallonPer 1 AcreMolasses

Application #2Mar. - May

After light disking and before drilling in seed.

1 GallonPer AcreBooster Max
½ GallonPer AcreHumate Tea

Application #3

When Sudan or Red Top Cane reaches 6 inches tall.

1 GallonPer AcreBooster Max
½ GallonPer AcreMolasses

Or instead of Booster Max use:
½ GallonPer AcreFish


Add with each application:
1 OuncePer AcreGarlic Insect Spray

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