Fish and Seaweed Fertilizer is an organic fertilizer made from a blend of seaweed and fresh fish remains.  It is made by a unique cold process that protects the vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and growth hormones.  It also contains all the micro and macro nutrients naturally found in fish.  The  nitrogen and other nutrients are already chelated, so they are readily available for plants consumption.  Unlike fish emulsions, Fish and Seaweed retains the fish proteins and oils and has no unpleasant odor. 

Seaweed is an organic storehouse of over 60 naturally ocurring major and minor nutrients and amino acids.  It has growth promoting substances which enchance plan development, and has also been found to increase plant hardiness and resistance to adverse environmental conditions, such as early frost, extreme heat, and lack of moisture.  Used as a seed innoculant, Fish and Seaweed increases and accelerates germination, and enhances the rapid development of a healthy root system.  Fish and Seaweed is an excellent addition to any fertilization program, ensuring complete fertilization.

Growers using our fish/seaweed blend fertilizer on a regular basis have reported increased marketable yields and impoved shelf life.

We feel our fertilizer is the best in the world.  Here are a few reasons why:
Fish and Seaweed contains much more than N-P-K.  It also provides the vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and growth hormones, necessary for optimum plant growth.

The trace elements and minerals in the macro-micro nutrients in the fish are all chelated, so they can be utilized by the plant, the day it is applied

Unlike solubles or emulsions, we remove no oil or meal from the fish.  This is what holds the fertilizer in the soil so that it is available to your crops.

Promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, making the soil healthier and less compact.

Works as an outstanding compost enhancer, by building the micro organisms.  Experts have reported usable compost in half the time.

It is 100% organic, so it won't burn plants or roots, or pollute the environment.

Builds sugars in plants, which makes plants healthier and less susceptible to fungus, disease and insect damage. 

Fish and Seaweed fertilizer is first filtered through an 80 mesh screen and then through a 200 micron screen before it is packaged.

We use only fresh fish, so there is no offensive odor. 
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  Fish and Seaweed
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