If we apply product:

Payment is due at time of service.  This means if you can not be there while we spray please mail payment prior to application
Have payment available for us at job site

If product is shipped to you:

Payment must be received in full before we will ship out products.

If we are delivering product or you are picking it up in person:

Payment is due upon receipt of products.
Payment Guidelines
Micro-Grow Soil Amendment

1 Gallon = 10 Acres

A.C.T. (Aerobic Compost Tea)

1 Gallon = 10 Acres  

Garlic Spray - 1 oz                     
Humate Tea  12%                                
Molasses Booster                                     
Seaweed Tea Booster              

We accept Personal Checks, Money Orders, or Cash
Price List
Booster Max

1 Gallon  = 1 Acre                                           


1 Gallon = 1 Acre   
Please contact the dealer in your area for current prices.  If there is no dealer in your area, contact us directly.                                          

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Fish Hydrolysate

1 Gallon = 1 Acre   
Fish  Plus

1 Gallon = 1 Acre